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Epicor HCM

Human Capital Management

A typical employee Life Cycle may have another 20 to 40 processes associated with it. Laying out the Life Cycle of an employee and the related codes required in the different areas of your company for the Epicor HCM Implementation to function effectively can be a daunting task; simply because most companies haven’t defined this before. EstesGroup HCM implementation consultants can help ensure you do this the right way so that your organization can effectively change Human Resource processes from a reactive mode to a proactive mode. This is where the real value can be found in implementing an Epicor HCM system.


EmployeeLifecycleEpicor HCM Implementation

Implementing the Epicor Human Capital Management (HCM) system requires your company establish the Life Cycle of your employees. What is the Life Cycle of an employee, you ask? These are all the functional areas that are necessary to get your employees through the HCM system. An oversimplified example of an employee Life Cycle is shown:

lady-tier-3EstesGroup HCM Implementation consulting is focused not just on employee HR data, but helping your company understand the talent of your people and its value to your organization. The objective now of a proper HCM Implementation is to get talent aligned properly to the critical areas where you need it to improve your business. Employee talent matters to everyone; it has a direct impact on revenues.

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