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The True Benefit Of Enterprise Resource Planning

Simplified Reporting and a Single Version of the Truth

Let’s create a single dashboard where you can see all of your critical KPIs in one view, your single version of the truth.

We will make sure you are 100% comfortable with the changes we help you make to your business processes.

When you embark on an EstesGroup ERP implementation we will will break down your business Silos and help you move from static to dynamic business growth.

Since our teams are equally skilled in business and in technology, we’ll be able to move you through the change management process as well as the ERP implementation process. We will assemble the right team of your personnel and ours to make the project successful.

Selecting the right ERP software that will most improve your business process is a big decision you will only make once in a decade.

Based on our years of real ground floor business experience, we can break down the selection process to five main points.

Number one: Make sure you find a software that’s going to fit your competitive advantages as an organization.

What are your company strengths? If you’re strong in manufacturing, or if you have really complex processes, you want to make sure you find a software to suit those needs in the most ideal way. A cookie cutter approach may leave gaps, so know what you are good at and make sure the system supports that.

Number two: What’s your future state?

Don’t buy a software looking to suit your needs TODAY. Instead understand where you plan to be in three, five, and ten years from now. An ERP purchase, on average, lasts ten years before in needs a change to meet your new business goals. Make sure your plan states where you are going and that you have a software package that supports that plan.

Number three: What’s your budget range?

Your budget is going to narrow down your vendor list very quickly. With your budget, you will have a good idea of exactly what vendors and what software to target through this process. Narrowing it down creates focus, and focus means that you will get a good fit.

Number four: What is the consultant’s approach?

You need the right fit with your consultants to ensure you get the most out of your software purchase. Their culture and methodologies need to match your organization. The right ERP consulting and implementation team is every bit as important as the right software.

Number Five: Total Cost of Ownership

A software may suit your organization extremely well, but if it is not easy to use, that is a problem. If getting a needed report takes a staff person with a doctorate degree to explain things to you, it will drive up your total cost of ownership, and be frustrating. Pick a product that won’t drive up your TCO- it should be easy for the people in your organization to use without additional equipment or human capital.

We Want to Make Your Business Run Better

With the right ERP technology – implemented properly – to grow your organization.

There are many reasons why people come to us looking to improve their business.

For example, you may need to improve your processes or get trusted information out of your systems.

We have the tools and the ERP expertise to make your business run better.

Where Do You See the Bottlenecks in Your Business Today?

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