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Compliance Care

For the Health
Of Your Technology
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Compliance Care

For the Health
Of Your Technology
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My technology got sick because

Viruses, and the pharmacist didn’t have the cure.
I needed the IT guy to write my report.
I swear the website was ok.
The cleaning lady tripped over the cord.

HIPAA Compliance

Staying HIPAA compliant and preparing you for audits is just one aspect of our managed technology service that will benefit your medical practice.

We want to be sure the reputation of your medical practice is never damaged and that your patients always know their privacy is safe and secure with our HIPAA compliance services. Breathe easier knowing we are always ahead and always verified to help your HIPAA compliance stay a constant factor in your medical success.


You protect your patient’s health everyday. As your HIPAA managed service provider, we make sure your servers stay healthy too, making sure they are protected from attacks, viruses and malware. Like you, we practice preventative medicine for your network, knowing your systems will crash and we letting you know what we need to do to ensure you can benefit your patients with technology, not be slowed down.


It is the Star Trek age of medicine. iPads, iPhones, and all of your other mobile devices need to be healthy too. So as your healthcare MSP provider, we’ll make sure your smart devices stay healthy too and do not slow down your practice. All while making sure the data stays secure and HIPAA compliant.


Networks are the backbone of communication between all of your medical practitioners. Just as you listen to your patient’s heart rate and pulse, we are constantly monitoring your networks. HIPAA compliance, speed, and security are no longer an issue, as we always are there to prevent any issues across your entire medical practice.

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