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Small Business IT Solutions & Services

EstesCloud managed IT services protect your business so you can focus on the work you love.

Small Business IT Solutions: Keeping the Lights On

Closed for business. Out of business. Closed until further notice. History shows us that small businesses often close when disaster strikes. Your business is your legacy. So what can be done to protect it? As virtual offices become the norm, employees increasingly need to work from a variety of nontraditional locations. But as the world becomes more mobile, your data becomes more vulnerable. You’ve worked hard to build your business. So what can you do to lower your risks without increasing your costs?

Small business owner of a coffee roasting operation working on a very old laptop computer.

Business Continuity 

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IT Infrastructure

Small business IT solutions protecting a female small business owner

Cloud Connectivity

IT Consulting Services

IT costs go beyond the initial capital expenditures that come from acquiring and provisioning servers. Technology is a moving target, as are the threats to your technology. As your business grows and your data management becomes more complicated, you need a team that changes at the pace of technological discovery. Our team — an extensive ecosystem of veteran consultants, engineers, and architects — keeps your company bright with the latest and most advanced application and ERP hosting, managed IT and cybersecurity solutions. EstesCloud technicians will perpetually shed light on cyberthreats as they emerge, implement tools to continually protect you, and train your employees to be a human firewall.

Cloud Hosted Applications

The cloud is more than a buzzword. It’s an opportunity to manage cost and risk in a manner that is more robust and more fine-tuned than earlier options. Does your business have seasonal IT needs? Leverage the cloud to dial up your IT capacity for the busy time of year and dial it down in the off-season. Leverage the cloud to reduce the risk of costly capital expenditures, freeing you to invest your resources in business growth, not in utilities. Ensure business continuity with cloud-based backup and disaster recovery. Secure your mobile devices by building an impenetrable virtual office. What does the cloud mean for your network? Security, savings and speed.


“My customers on the defense and aerospace side want me to have a certain level of internet security… as fast as the CMMC came out, we were already to a third-tier level of security, based on the EstesGroup partnership.” 

Bryan Provo

President, Alliance Machine, Inc

Small Business Cyber Security Services

Small business owners often fear that all will be lost if they experience a security breach. Our small business clients get the same full-spectrum cybersecurity solutions designed for large manufacturers and distributors. This means that from hardware to software, we fully protect the technology that supports your business. We are always innovating, always creating, always providing new solutions to combat crimes of the dark web.

IT Services For Small Businesses

If your servers are outdated or your devices are aging, you’re at risk of downtime. Many cloud providers promise round-the-clock care, but the reliability of infamous cloud providers is less than stellar. Our data center is backed by a 100% SLA, and we promise you 99.7%+ uptime. With patch management and system updates scheduled in the off hours, you’ll experience the peaceful steadiness of uptime. EstesGroup customer care is 24/7/365, with real people responding in real time to your system. Protect your business, your reputation and your customers with EstesCloud managed IT services for small businesses: network security, server care, compliance management, backup and disaster recovery, and more.

  • Do you need someone to help you implement and manage software (such as Microsoft 365 or QuickBooks)?
  • Are you looking for cost-effective solutions for small teams?
  • Do you need to securely support remote work?
  • Are you looking for IT support for mobile devices?
  • Do you need assistance choosing new information technology solutions that can support business growth?
  • Do you need help managing existing IT infrastructure (remote server monitoring, patch management, hardware audits)?
  • Do you need data restoration or system repair services after struggling through a disaster (like a ransomware attack or a fire)?

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