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Epicor SaaS: Epicor In the Cloud

The Epicor SaaS ERP system offers scaled down complexity as well functionality. That doesn’t necessarily mean your company can take the Epicor SaaS implementation process lightly or that it’ll take less time, less money or you don’t need experienced consulting assistance. You will, so please plan on and budget for it. EstesGroup Epicor SaaS implementation consultants can help you with this process!

The Epicor Express SaaS solution is hosted and managed by Epicor. The Epicor SaaS implementation will not require your company to have to worry about installing any hardware or software. All you need is a reliable and fast internet connection. The Epicor SaaS implementation is solely focused on configuring the system to fit your business processes and, if necessary, importing data from your legacy system and/or spreadsheets. EstesGroup Epicor SaaS implementation consultants use our proprietary Peak Methodology to implement the Epicor SaaS ERP system as we do with the other Epicor ERP systems were involved with.




There’s definitely a difference in overall system functionality between the Epicor Express SaaS system and the Epicor 9 or 10 ERP systems. We encourage your company to understand the differences before you make a decision on which Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is right for you.

The first step of having a successful ERP implementation (SaaS or Premise based) is to make sure the ERP system you’re purchasing is the right one for your business. The Epicor SaaS ERP system is primarily geared for small job shop manufacturers that don’t have complex manufacturing requirements, business processes and/or complex customer demands. Do you consider yourself a small make-to-order job shop manufacturer?



One of the primary reasons small manufacturing companies choose to implement SaaS based ERP systems like Epicor is because it represents a lower cost of getting into and using an ERP system. EstesGroup also participates in these cost savings by providing our consulting expertise remotely. Reducing travel costs can help your company save 20% or more off your Epicor SaaS implementation budget.

Contact EstesGroup today so we can share with you the EstesWay for Epicor SaaS implementations.

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