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If your consultant doesn’t know the Epicor Enterprise E4SE solution how will they be in a position to help you with your company’s upgrade?

For those service organizations that are looking to upgrade their technology and their Epicor solution to Epicor 9 or 10, you must first understand if Epicor 9 or 10 is the right solution for your organization based on how you use the E4SE system today.

E4SE manages and automates every aspect of your service business.

For those Epicor customers satisfied with their E4SE solution, EstesGroup offers experienced E4SE consulting help.

Epicor Enterprise E4SE: 5 Key Services

It’s equally important to know what the five (5) key service-centric processes Epicor for Service Enterprises E4SE focuses on. They are:

  1. Winning the service business: Do you know what it costs you to win the business?
  2. Staffing the Projects Effectively: How do you use E4SE to source the right people for the right projects at the right time?
  3. Managing the Engagement Delivery: With everything that goes on in a project, do you know what project tasks are costing you more than you estimated, what projects are on time which ones aren’t, which consultants have the skill set to do the necessary work?
  4. Streamlining the Financial Aspects of Your Service Business: How’s “Revenue” recognized and are you able to seamlessly associate your WIP back to your financial applications?
  5. Analyzing Projects Won/Lost and Business Performance: Are you receiving and understanding the standard measure analysis reports?

Estimate at Completion (EAC)

Estimate to Completion (ETC)

Cost Performance Index (CPI)

Earned value Management (EVM)

Project Bid Management  |  Project Delivery  |  Resource Management  |  Project Accounting  |  Portfolio Management

EstesGroup is a professional service organization like you are. We use the Epicor solution to help us run our business. Let our experienced EstesGroup consulting team approach show your service organization how to continually improve your performance of using the Epicor for Service Enterprises (E4SE) system or help you upgrade to the Epicor 9 or 10 system.

What is Epicor Enterprise E4SE?

Epicor Enterprise E4SE is a comprehensive service-centric software solution that focuses on five key service processes. These processes include winning service business with cost analysis, effective staffing for projects, managing engagement delivery efficiently, streamlining financial aspects, and analyzing project performance with key metrics. EstesGroup offers consulting and upgrade services for Epicor E4SE to help organizations make the most of their system and explore potential upgrades to Epicor 9 or 10. This ensures that businesses can manage and automate all aspects of their service operations, from project bid management to project delivery, resource management, project accounting, and portfolio management, ultimately improving their performance and efficiency with the software.

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