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Epicor System Upgrades

Once EstesGroup has the answers to the basic “Upgrade” questions we go through, we’re ready to move forward to help the Epicor customer determine what new Epicor ERP system they should consider upgrading to.


Epicor has a number of different ERP systems that they offer today and a number of different legacy systems they continue to support, but don’t do a lot of new development on (such as):

  • ManFact
  • Avante
  • Enterprise
  • E4SE
  • Manage 2000
  • Vantage
  • Vista


We’ve all heard that expression “Time Waits for No One”. That also applies to software technology.

As we’ve all seen over the years, being an Epicor customer, Epicor is constantly improving their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system offerings. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but we know from a long history of partnership, this puts a strain on a customer trying to keep up with all the software improvements and the IT infrastructure to support it.



EstesGroup is continually asked by the Epicor customer base our opinion on whether their organization should upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Epicor. Our response typically is to sit down with the Epicor customer to do a Business Process Review (BPR) so we have good understanding of:

What Epicor system are you currently operating today?

What system shortcomings are making it hard for you to conduct business currently?

What condition is your IT Infrastructure in (i.e. is it supported or is it not)?

What customer demands are being placed on them to want to change?

What company event(s) are they faced with that may mandate upgrading to a new ERP system (i.e. opening another plant, internationally)?

To name a few….

EstesGroup’s Epicor system upgrade recommendation typically revolves around where we see Epicor spending their development dollars, as well as what ERP system the majority of Epicor’s customer base use. The answer for most of the businesses EstesGroup services (Manufacturing, Distribution and Professional Services) is:

  • Epicor 9
  • Epicor 10

The history of new Epicor ERP Systems is much like that of any other software system from any other software vendor: there are going to be software bugs. It’s part of the software business. Once a bug has been reported, Epicor has a good history of fixing them in a timely manner.

There’s no need to tackle the “Upgrade” question on your own, EstesGroup has experienced people that can help you!

upgradeClick here to discuss your upgrade options with an EstesGroup Expert. We offer you a free consultation to discuss your business and what you need to do to get ready.

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