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Epicor Kinetic System Upgrades - Is it time for an ERP upgrade?

Get in a downtime countdown by counting up to Epicor Kinetic
E11, E10, 9, Go Live!

An old ERP system can feel like your favorite shirt, one you’ve worn since… Epicor Vantage 803.

We get it. We’ve been upgrading hardware and software for more than 18 years, and some of us are still wearing EstesGroup original polos! So, why do we think you should upgrade your ERP? It’s in the lingo. Enterprise Resource Planning. What’s planning without a version of the future?

Kinetic Epicor ERP Project
Scales of Justice

Balance the old & the new

• Epicor 9

• Epicor 10

• Epicor Kinetic (E11)

Cloud ERP Options (Managed Hosting, Private Cloud Setup)



Old ERP, we’ll never forget you

Legacy ERP system expertise

• On-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployments

• System optimization across versions

Roadmap, documentation, compliance, and go-live support

ERP Partnerships Built on Trust

Never let IT go

• Complete IT support

IT infrastructure assessments

Risk management across technologies

• Up to 100% SLA for your ERP

Why do manufacturers choose Epicor Kinetic ERP?

Epicor continues to provide updates that offer manufacturers the tools they need to stay ahead of the competition.
Business Automation Virtual AI Interface

How do you upgrade to Epicor Kinetic?

ERP applications are forever on the move. Every day, vendors work to add new functionality, enhance existing functionality, and fix bugs. Buying and implementing an ERP is not a one-time activity. To make best use of an application, the maintenance of the system needs to be a constant consideration.

Support: Vendors offer different levels of support, according to the version you use. Do you want the best possible response time and service level from your vendor? Then stay on the latest version of the application.

Bug Fixes: Beyond new features, vendors release permanent fixes to common bugs, as new versions of the software are released. Often, the only way to overcome such a system limitation is to upgrade to the latest version.

Platform: Old systems tie you to old architectures — aging servers and obsolete operating systems. This creates risks to the security and stability of your organization.

New Functionality: As new versions are released, vendors introduce new features and capabilities. These new proficiencies might provide better ways of doing business. Often, new functionality gets rolled out over many versions, with each version elaborating the features and capabilities of the previous version.

Obsolescence: As versions get older, there is always the risk that key features will no longer be supported.

Competition: To stay competitive, it’s often necessary to upgrade your enterprise resource planning process and your ERP system.

Epicor Kinetic Manufacturing ERP Consulting Expertise is Here

Epicor’s manufacturing ERP solution has undergone significant transformations over its long history, both in name and in design. Epicor’s ERP software for manufacturing companies, the application we formerly knew as Vantage, or 905, or E10 has since been rebranded in 2021 as Kinetic.

In terms of base functionality, Epicor Kinetic ERP is a logical progress of its E10 architecture, retaining its Microsoft business logic layer and its SQL server database. In many circles, Kinetic is still thought of as essentially Epicor E11. An ERP by any other name would be as flexible, and Kinetic can be deployed as you wish, according to your business needs.

The Epicor Kinetic manufacturing ERP solution transforms your business. Save time & money: partner with EstesGroup for Epicor system upgrades.

Epicor System Options Ahead

Are you thinking about upgrading your ERP system? There are different approaches you can take when trying to modernize your ERP system.

Business Gears

You can follow though the traditional utility-driven upgrade.

ERP System Management

You can reimplement your system in the new version, and essentially start over.

ERP System Migration

You can migrate to a different system entirely.

The most significant advancement with Kinetic comes in the form of an exclusively browser-based user interface. The Kinetic framework allows a user to connect exclusively through a web browser, eliminating the cumbersome Epicor fat client install of previous generations.

For customers slowly migrating to Kinetic and not interested in a direct move to browser-based client, Epicor continues to offer the traditional fat client installation. This allows Epicor E10 customers to gradually transition into Epicor’s Kinetic interface, while migrating their complex embedded UI customizations into Epicor’s new Kinetic App Studio.

ERP Upgrade Considerations

When comparing ERP implementation and upgrade options, there are many things to consider.

• How far behind is your existing system? The further you are behind, the larger the effort to get up to date, which might favor a reimplementation or a reevaluation.

• How clean is your data? A dirty database might support a reimplementation effort, while a comparatively clean database would support a straight upgrade.

• To what degree are you utilizing the application to run your business? Whether upgrading or reimplementing, this is a great time to consider making better use of the system and its capabilities.

• How well does the system as its currently configured reflect the nature of your business? If your business has shifted from your initial system configuration, it might be time to reimplement.

• Do the capabilities of your ERP system match the needs of the business? If not, it might be a time to reevaluate your ERP system. A business process review can be a great way to know where you’re at and where you’re going.

Are you facing an uphill climb to modernize your ERP system? Are you in need of an Epicor system upgrade guide?

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