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Epicor Production Management

What is Epicor Production Management?

Epicor Production Management is a comprehensive solution designed to address the intricate material requirements planning and scheduling needs of both global enterprises and single / multiple site businesses. It empowers organizations with enhanced operational visibility and control.

Key Features of Production Management:

  • Scheduling: Epicor Production Management uniquely caters to the complex scheduling requirements of businesses, offering solutions for operational control and visibility. This includes both global enterprises and single / multiple site businesses.
  • MRP (Material Requirements Planning): This feature enables you to efficiently plan, schedule, execute, and monitor your entire manufacturing process, from raw materials to the final product.
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System): Epicor Production Management provides real-time monitoring and control for both production and process manufacturing. It delivers accurate 24/7 real-time manufacturing information, enhancing productivity across all plant operations.
  • Quality: The system offers user-friendly quality management capabilities, accommodating the needs of various manufacturing industries. It addresses specific quality requirements and helps companies maintain high standards.

Epicor Production Management is where manufacturing organizations can experience significant benefits. The Epicor ERP system’s “Best Practices” are particularly evident in this module, with years of experience and input from thousands of customers contributing to its capabilities. It focuses on helping your organization understand the true cost of production compared to estimates and meeting customer delivery deadlines with the expected quality.

To achieve the desired results from the Epicor ERP system, your company should excel in two key tasks:

  • Detailed Manufacturing Job Breakdown: Precisely break down manufacturing jobs into the smallest details to enhance efficiency and cost control.
  • Labor Time Reporting: Accurately report labor time for each job detail, ensuring better resource utilization.

While these tasks may sound straightforward, many manufacturing companies struggle to execute them effectively. EstesGroup’s Epicor ERP software consultants, with their extensive experience, can guide your organization on the best practices within the Epicor Production Management application suite, specifically focusing on these two critical tasks.

Simplify Technology, Improve Operations, and Gain Efficiencies

Prepare for improved communication and transformative changes in your operations. With Epicor Production Management, you can streamline your manufacturing operations and drive meaningful improvements in your business.