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Epicor Production Management


time5Scheduling: uniquely understands the complex material requirements planning and scheduling needs of global enterprise businesses, as well as single and multiple site businesses, and offers solutions to bring greater operational visibility and control to these customers.


viralMRP: enables you to plan, schedule, execute, and monitor your entire manufacturing business. From raw materials to final product


barscodeMES (Manufacturing Execution System): provides real-time monitoring and control for your production and process manufacturing. The system improves productivity by providing accurate 24/7 real-time manufacturing information of all your plant operations.


verification5Quality: offers easy-to-use quality management capabilities designed to meet the needs of progressive manufacturing companies. Epicor serves multiple manufacturing industries and its quality solutions span the specific requirements for quality.


is where a manufacturing organization will receive its biggest benefit.

The “Best Practices” of the Epicor ERP system shine through here as years of experience and thousands of customers have contributed to how the Epicor Production Management suite can truly help your organization understand what it costs you to make something (vs. your estimate), meet your customer’s requested delivery date(s) with the quality their expecting. Make no mistake about it, your company needs to do two (2) tasks well, to drive the results you’re looking for to make a difference of why you chose to implement/use the Epicor ERP system. They are:

  1. Break down your manufacturing jobs to the smallest detail
  2. Report your shop people’s labor time to the job detail.

Sounds easy, perhaps!

Why don’t most manufactures do either of these disciplines well? EstesGroup’s Epicor ERP software consultants have experience with the Epicor system will show your organization specifically what “Best Practices” are with the Epicor Production Management application suite related to the two (2) primary tasks above!

Be prepared for better communication and change!

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