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Sales Cures All Ills…

  1. Are you tired of not knowing whether your marketing campaigns are effective or what sales have resulted from them?

  2. Do you know, with any accuracy or duplication of effort, what your company’s “Sales Dollar Pipeline” for the week, month or quarter is?

  3. Are your sales people unorganized, lacking consistent customer follow-up and not sure of what sales revenue to project on a timely basis?

  4. Do your customer “Quotes” take an inordinate amount of time to generate, lack consistency with your pricing rules and are difficult to track once they’ve been sent?

  5. Once your customer accepts your quote and places an order, do you find that you’re reentering that information from the quote into the Epicor Order Management module?

  6. Do you experience pricing, manufacturing and shipping errors from to many people doing data entry from the receipt of a quote?

  7. Does your company have a centralized database where customer correspondence (email, quotes, RMA’s, etc.) are kept for secured users to access, as necessary?

Sales is the heart and soul of any business operation. Proper sales cycle management from marketing campaign(s), to a quote to ultimately an order is what determines consistency in achieving your monthly/yearly sales goals as well as what determines overall growth of a business organization.
If you answered yes to any of these questions above, let EstesGroup’s experience in ERP sales cycle management help you cost justify your entire purchase in the Epicor system with the proper implementation and on-going usage of the Epicor Sales Management Modules. Provide us your contact information or feel free to call us directly and we’ll have one of our experts discuss specifics how we go about integrating Epicor ERP sales cycle tools with your company’s specific sales cycle management needs.

Simplify Technology, Improve Operations, and Gain Efficiencies with Epicor Sales Management.

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