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More Than Just A Consulting Organization

EstesGroup is more than just a consulting organization helping manufacturers, distributors and professional service companies implement Epicor ERP/CRM/HCM and Ecommerce systems we also are certified and licensed resellers for:

LaserCap-Product-testimonial“The expertise and knowledge of the EstesGroup was delivered in a very friendly and enthusiastic manner. We will continue to use EstseGroup for future Epicor upgrades/add ons and I would recommend EstsGroup to anyone who is new to or lost in the world of Epicor.”
– Jed Dunlap

The most important thing EstesGroup does in your review process of our software Solutions is to have our Vice President of Services do our software Solution demonstrations. EstesGroup feels there’s no better way to ensure your company is seeing as well as understanding the core ERP/CRM/Ecommerce systems we sell then to have the person that is ultimately responsible for your successful system implementation (the head of our service organization) do your software demonstration.

epicor-brochure-download-ctaEPICOR 10 ERP & CRM Solutions

A comprehensive ERP/CRM system primarily geared for the Manufacturing and Professional Service industries.  Epicor 10, was developed with the latest and greatest Microsoft technology as well as increased system functionality across the suite of embedded applications.

Download the Epicor ERP Brochure.


Prophet 21

Is a full ERP system designed for Distribution companies. The system has full warehousing, packing, order management, e-commerce, CRM, and in depth financial reporting. 

Download the Prophet 21 Brochure.