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Advantages of Cloud-Based ERP

Enterprise resource planning takes both talent and technology. When you decide to implement a new ERP solution or to upgrade your current software, you begin a process that can change the life of your business. Invest the right resources at the right time and you’ll migrate to a stronger design that will support whatever dreams you have for the future of your company. Cloud-based ERP solutions create dynamic and scalable resources for every future business need. EstesCloud (our managed cloud hosting solution) creates a private environment for your company. Your cloud solution is built just for you. If you can think IT, we can design it.

“Today, more than ever, the consumer needs assurance when it comes to matters of cyber security and IT risk. We are honored to award EstesGroup with the “A” Cyber Verify seal and congratulate them on their exemplary display of dedication towards providing one of the highest levels of assurance possible to the consumer. Today, very few companies in the global MSP community have achieved an “A” Cyber Verify rating, placing EstesGroup in an elite group of managed service and cloud providers world-wide.” 

Celia Weaver

President, MSPAlliance

Cloud Availability and the ERP Platform

Enterprise applications were traditionally built around a client-server model, where a client application, installed on the user community’s client computers, communicated with a local, on-premise server. The advent of cloud technology radically changed the landscape on which applications were constructed and deployed.


Many popular applications, such as NetSuite and Salesforce, were built for the cloud. They offer only a web-based version. The client installation is replaced by a browser-based access model.


MSPAlliance Cyber Verify A Rating Badge Awarded to EstesGroup

SaaS ERP or Hybrid Cloud

Other applications occupy a middle ground between traditional on-premise deployments and their web-based counterparts, providing Software as a Service (Saas) applications, accessible on a subscription basis, with some form of modified client installation. These applications communicate over the same TCP/IP protocols that support web-based applications. But the move to the cloud for these applications came at a cost.


The on-premise paradigm behind traditional client-server applications provides a significant amount of functionality. Modifying these applications to support a purely cloud-based model often comes at the expense of functionality and capability, and it is generally the case that web-based applications lack the robust functionality of their on-premise antecedents.


Cloud-based ERP Solutions

For these reasons, many ERP customers are exploring alternative options for leveraging the capabilities of the cloud, while also maximizing the capabilities of the software they have purchased. Private cloud hosting, for instance, allows customers to install the application in a virtual server architecture, as if it were an on-premise install, and access the application from a variety of means. By providing an on-premise installation in the cloud, companies are able to take advantage of the full gambit of tools, options, and extensions, while avoiding the costly and risky aspects of a true on-premise install.

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