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Epicor HCM

The Epicor Human Capital Management (HCM) system is a comprehensive, configurable human resource information system (HRIS) that allows small to large business automate their HR processes. Which basically means it allows a business a software tool to

Track Manage Analyze Employee Information



  • CORE HR: The heart and soul of the Epicor HCM system. It’s the module that maintains all of your company’s employee master records, tracks absences, benefits and competencies. The Core HR module integrates to the reporting/analytical tool and recruiting manager modules within Epicor HCM.
  • EMPLOYEE CONNECT: Allows the employee to manage and view their personal information. An employee can request time off, manage their benefits, sign documents, enroll in training classes and manage their personal/company goals.
  • HCM LINK: Module that helps your company export data out of it using templates on demand or on a schedule. HCM Link allows you to interface to other system.
  • TIMESHEETS: Tracks employee hours worked and manages your company overtime rules, departments and project allocations. Timesheets is integrated to Absence Tracking and allows your employees to submit their time online for management approval.
  • POSITION CONTROL & BUDGETING: Module that helps your company manage headcount, fulltime employees that are working multiple positions that may have different funding sources.
  • TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: Integrated to the employee/company goals and provides your company an employee training history, (i.e. courses taken, completed, costs and enrolled in)
  • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Helps your organization with its goal management, employee self- appraisals with configurable appraisal documents.
  • CANDIDATE CONNECT: Module allows your employee candidates to search and apply for open jobs, complete interview questions, attach their resumes. It also allows your HR department to create and maintain job history and an employee skills profile.
  • REPORTING & ANALYTICS: Epicor HCM provides over 250 standard reports out of the box as well as all of the US Compliant HR Report you’ll need. For custom reporting, charts, graphs and calculations the HCM modules uses the Microsoft Report Builder.


Available On-Demand (SaaS)

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Once you decided that, you then need to plan the implementation of your Epicor human resources system. Your company may have bought or need all of the Epicor HCM modules above, but as an HR department the primary questions you have are:

  • Which Epicor HCM module(s) do we start with?
  • What is the proper amount of time it should take to implement the Epicor HCM system?
  • What employee/company data needs to be collected?
  • Who should be on the Epicor HCM implementation team?
  • How does the Epicor HCM system integrate with my Payroll Service?

EstesGroup has the experienced personnel (sales/consultants) that can help you purchase and implement the Epicor HCM system the right way. Contact an HCM solutions consultant today! We’ll take you through our proprietary Epicor HCM questionnaire, so we can give you some answers to the questions above.