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Epicor 10 Out Of The Box Tools

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Upgrading to Epicor 10 is not just a software upgrade. It’s an upgrade to the way in which you do business.

  • Simplify Technology: Upgrading to Epicor 10 simplifies the technology by eliminating the middle Progress layer, making your ERP system 100% Microsoft.
  • Improve Business Operations with our Epicor training: We know how to optimize your process flow from the ground up.
  • Gain Efficiency: Software efficiency means better business efficiency through more real-time, accurate data. Is it time for upgrading to Epicor 10? Find quality Epicor upgrade ERP training at EstesGroup. Our Epicor consulting team can help you with every level of your business. Do you need an hour advice, or do you need ERP managed hosting that’s flexible and consumption-based? Gain efficiency by upgrading your entire system with cloud-based backup and disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and comprehensive and adaptable IT services.

How To Prepare For Your Epicor 10 Upgrade

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Epicor 10 Migration With EstesGroup


Epicor’s move to version 10 was a complete reworking of the application’s fundamental architecture, dropping its Progress backend, in favor of an entirely Microsoft-centric stack. The degree of change involved in the upgrade to E10 was significant and, understandably, companies delayed upgrading to the new version, concerned with the disruption that the upgrade would bring. ERP migrations require a combination of smart budgeting, dedicated time, company focus and company resources — and, potentially, consulting assistance.


Fortunately, the process for moving from Epicor’s Legacy ERP versions to the current version of E10 has improved greatly over the years, both from a technical and a methodological POV. Epicor has significantly enhanced its upgrade toolsets, to make the data conversion much cleaner. Similarly, Epicor’s Data Management Tool has significantly improved from its legacy versions, and now provides a reliable means of loading and updating Epicor data.


As migration projects are concerned, an understanding of the dynamics of a move to E10 helps you plan out your project accordingly. EstesGroup’s Epicor consulting team has the experience and skillsets to help you make the move to E10. We help customers understand what’s important to them by clearly defining their goals and then constructing a unique plan for achieving that vision. 

Upgrading to Epicor 10: Epicor ERP Upgrade