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Netsuite for CEOs

Conquer Your Business Challenges with Netsuite Cloud Computing

By taking your technology to the cloud, CEOs have transparency to everything in the business, such as costs, capacity, productivity and growth. NetSuite is the #1 choice for a complete solution to run ERP, CRM and Ecommerce applications in the cloud. Netsuite will make your business run better.

Today’s CEOs need to be dynamic — far beyond strategy the CEO must lead and be a catalyst for growth.

  • Leader:  Leaders show how to reduce cost, improve customer satisfaction, increase margins and to do this they need real time accessible data.
  • Strategist: The business landscape changes daily. Trends move quickly and to stay in front of those trends requires true business intelligence that your business can capture and report easily.
  • Enablement: You need visibility to enable your team to make the best decisions. You cannot be everywhere at once and you need a way to provide your teams with the best information to make the best decisions.
  • Catalyst: Break down information silos and create synergy within your organization.

NetSuite’s cloud business management suite helps you lower overall costs by better aligning your technology with your business needs.

Do you want better scalability, simpler upgrades, everywhere access all rolled into an easy to use software?

Netsuite Benefits to the CEO

Out of the many benefits to migrating to the cloud, here are the EstesGroup’s top five:

  1. Cost Savings: This is the biggest reason there is a migration happening at an accelerated pace. By removing your IT footprint and leveraging the cloud you can cut capital and operational costs.
  2. Innovation: Big companies innovate faster because they have the operating budgets to do so. By moving to the cloud you are able to piggy back off of those big IT budgets and leverage the benefits for your company.
  3. Security: Financial institutions were among the first to move their business to the cloud. Medical is following. Those two industries couldn’t make that change if security wasn’t there.
  4. Scalability: The cloud can grow as fast as you need to and can respond much quicker than the time it takes to order more hardware.
  5. Core Competency: By offloading your ERP system and the time and manpower it takes to keep it running you can now dedicate those talented resources towards improving your core business.

If you are ready to move your business forward, or you would like more information about Netsuite, let the EstesGroup experts guide you. Or staff has the knowledge you need and we’re happy to share.


ERP Recovery Project

ERP Recovery Project

This company, who is remaining anonymous, contacted us in the middle of an implementation they were doing with another company, because they had hit the end of their budget and they were far from complete.