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The season is in full swing and I can’t help but compare the ERP business to America’s pastime.

Baseball isn’t always the most exciting thing to watch unless you’re a die-hard fan. Working on your ERP in many ways is the same … Unless you’re in it for your career it’s just not as alluring from the stands, but both are magical when everything is clicking.Baseball, while a team sport, always sets people apart in individual settings. It’s just the pitcher against the batter and when he makes contact the focus quickly shifts to the player that has to make the play. In ERP the same happens. The focus is intense on processes but can

very quickly shift in a moments notice. ERP teams have to work together to cover all of the holes and are always looking to minimize risk. Sometimes the pitcher just doesn’t have his best stuff and the manager has to get the crook out and yank him. Project team members can have the same struggles and quick moves can save the game and it doesn’t mean that they’re getting shipped back to the minors.
Implementing ERP is an intense job for all involved. A strong manager is required on both sides to make the game memorable. Who do you want running the show? What version of the game do you want to be a part of? Good balance and solid teamwork is infectious and makes everyone play to a higher level. Bring a sports mind into your next ERP meeting and see if you notice a difference.

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