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How to Use Technology to Manage Freight Costs

How to Use Technology to Manage Freight Costs

Freight costs are more important than ever in our turbulent times. With ongoing inflation, and the possibility of a recession looming, runaway freight costs threaten to take distributors’ profit margins for a ride.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions often lack proper tools within the base software for managing freight costs and often must rely on third-party applications and web sites to manage and execute carrier pricing. With a potential recession on the horizon, it is more important now than ever to recover costs and protect profits. Companies go to great lengths to negotiate freight rates with carriers but often fall short on execution of the rates resulting in paying higher costs. A better solution is needed, especially in light of the challenges that a recession will bring.

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November 30th @12PM – 1PM (EASTERN)

ShipSource: Using Technology to Manage Freight Costs During a Recession

On November 30th, at Noon (Eastern), Ron Cope of ShipSource will discuss the techniques necessary when using technology to manage freight costs during a recession. The session will focus on things you can do to improve freight execution and become more efficient to control spending.

Companies spend significant time, resources, and money to license and install shipping software. Efficient and fully-functional shipping solutions are a must in the distribution industry in general and in the Epicor Prophet 21 community, in particular. Moreover, there is a need in the P21 industry for custom platforms that meet clients’ needs, that are integrated immediately, and can go live within days.

ShipSource is an authorized distributor of the ShipVia multi-carrier transportation management system, and has been providing Prophet 21 shipping solutions since 2005. ShipVia was created to meet the Prophet 21 shipping needs of the P21 distribution community, by providing a robust rating engine that can be deployed quickly at affordable pricing.

Tailored to fit the corporate growth initiatives and financial strategies, the solution supports a robust solution and a rapid implementation. If you are looking for a solution that supports rating for all your carriers and can be fully implemented within days, then ShipSource has the system for you.

Meet Ron Cope of ShipSource at ESTES INTEGRATE 2022

Ron Cope has more than 35 years of experience with transportation management. Currently, Ron is the President of ShipVia, the manufacturer of the ShipVia transportation management software program and ViaDUCT integration software. Ron is also the Managing Partner of ShipSource that is licensed to distribute the ShipVia software products.

Ron Cope

Ron Cope, ShipSource

Ready to keep your freight costs in your control?

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How to Prepare Your Supply Chain for 2023

How to Prepare Your Supply Chain for 2023

Over the last few years, I’ve seen companies perform every possible inventory management tactic to mitigate the supply chain challenges that afflicted the nation as a function of the pandemic. Some strategies proved to be detrimental, with manufacturing and distribution companies burdened at times with massive quantities of low-turn product. 

That is to say, if you are a distributor recovering from stressors due to the pandemic, optimally managing your Prophet 21 inventory levels is of utmost importance as you head into the new challenges of 2023. COVID-19 and other recent global events are testing the resilience and flexibility of supply chains. 

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How Can You Prepare Your Supply Chain for 2023?

Slimstock is one company that can show you how to be ready for the possible supply chain rollercoasters of the new year. Slimstock’s forecasting, planning, and purchasing solution integrates with the P21 application to bring you to the next level of P21 efficiency and P21 optimization.

Slimstock is the market leading AI-powered inventory optimization software. Slimstock helps companies using Epicor Prophet 21 by enabling the delivery of the right stock to the right place at the right time.

Slimstock does this by all-in-one P21 integration of Inventory Forecasting, Demand Planning and Purchase Optimization, with machine learning capabilities.

Over the last 25 years, Slimstock has helped thousands of companies to boost profitability and unlock working capital by improving availability, increasing efficiency, and eliminating waste with guarantee on ROI within a year. 

Since their inception in 1993, they have worked in collaboration with business leaders, domain experts and academics and the P21 user community to develop their award-winning inventory optimization platform, Slim4.

Join Jeff Steinecker, Dennis Weir, and Ryan Shanks, on November 30th at 4:00 (Eastern), as they work to help Prophet 21 companies in supercharging their P21 supply chain strategies and practices.

Slimstock Supply Chain Prophet 21

Meet Slimstock at ESTES INTEGRATE 2022

Jeff Steinecker  (Strategic Accounts Executive at Slimstock): Jeff has an extensive experience in helping customers realize gains in productivity, efficiency, and fun. He is a knowledge expert in supply chain and can align, lead, and grow supply chains with assured returns.

Dennis Weir (Business Development Executive at Slimstock): With a strong background in supply chain, Dennis is your Knowledge Partner for Demand Planning and Inventory Optimization. He is excited to represent Slimstock and answer any questions you may have.

Ryan Shanks (Pre-Sales Demonstrations & Solution Architect at Slimstock): Ryan has a background in Supply Chain, primarily focusing on Logistics, Distribution, and Sourcing.  He enjoys sharing knowledge with others and thus is delighted to be a part of the webinar.

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Bringing A/R Innovation to Life in Prophet 21

Bringing A/R Innovation to Life in Prophet 21

Epicor Prophet 21 and automation go hand-in-hand: successfully integrating your P21 ERP system with a best-of-breed solution can help automate manual and paper-based processes that burden organizations.

Accounts Receivable AR Innovation Cloud
Unified AR Innovation Logo

When it comes the challenge of automating your P21 Accounts Receivable processes, Keith Carman, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Unified A/R, summarizes it simply as a matter of “convenience, convenience, convenience.” Today, more than 70% of B2B payments are still completed with a paper check and a paper invoice.

What is the impact of paper processes to P21 customers?

The absence of Accounts Receivable technology and increasing interchange rates for credit card transactions can result in longer DSO, fraud risks and manual posting/reconciliation. The net result: higher costs, lower accuracy, and hits to your cash flow.

Unified A/R improves Prophet 21 payment processes by simplifying B2B Accounts Receivable and Payment Acceptance with best-in-class solutions and ongoing consultation from payment industry experts.

How Can Unified A/R Bring Your A/R Innovation to Life?

Unified’s cloud-based A/R solutions help clients get paid faster and easier at less cost while improving their customers’ experience. Unified’s Executive Team brings more than 150 years of combined management success from the Payments and ERP Industries and has partnered with many of the nation’s largest Trade and Professional Associations, Financial Institutions, and Technology Firms. Unified A/R is headquartered in Franklin, TN.

On November 30th, Unified’s Keith Carman and Brittany Rodgers will be discussing Accounts Receivable automation for P21. They’ll explore how P21 AR Automation improves near-term margin, order-to-cash processes and customer experience, including:  

  • Digital tools to accelerate cash flow, improve client satisfaction and support non-remote and remote work environments.  
  • Best practices to reach desired financial outcomes, maintain PCI Compliance and improve efficiency.  
  • How to recognize and resolve barriers to customer adoption of digital workflows.  

The team will also provide a live demo of P21-integrated process for invoice/statement creation and delivery, payment acceptance, and automated cash application.  

WHEN: November 30th at 3PM – 4PM (EASTERN)

WHERE: ESTES INTEGRATE 2022 (A Digital Gathering of Prophet 21 Leaders, Thinkers, Innovators)

WHY: Unified A/R Offers the BEST Cloud-Based A/R Solutions Available to the Distribution Industry

AR Integration Unified A/R
Keith Carman AR Automation Expert

Keith Carman, Vice President of Enterprise, leads Business Development, aligning product solutions and internal expertise to client needs to deliver streamlined implementations, go-live events, and ongoing success for our clients. He holds degrees in Economics and Finance from Indiana’s Hanover College.

Brittany Rodgers Accounts Innovation Receivable Expert

Brittany Rodgers, Integration Engineer, manages new client onboarding and integration activities, providing a personal approach as the liaison between enterprise clients and Unified A/R’s IT, Implementation and Quality Assurance Teams. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Operations Management from the University of Cincinnati.

Document Management in an ERP Implementation

Document Management in an ERP Implementation

Many manufacturers and distributors have some form of document management requirements, and yet if I were to ask my collective Epicor Prophet 21 customer base about their use of document management as part of their ERP system, most of them would likely tell me that they are not doing everything they can in this area.  

This is not a surprise. Document management is a difficult area to consistently and comprehensively integrate with your ERP system. Why? Document management is complex, and most ERP systems avoid talking on this complexity as part of the core code of their ERP systems and opt instead to leverage some form of integrated solution to handle the needs of distributors or manufacturers. 

Document Management ERP Implementation

The End of Paper

One element of document management relates specifically to a degree of automation that can eliminate paper-based processes. For the length of my own career, we’ve been discussing “the end of paper” — a paperless factory floor, a paperless warehouse, a paperless office. While an understandable goal, the attainment of such an end has been hard to pull off in practice, a surprising number of paper-based processes exist, even in companies that have successfully integrated an ERP system like Prophet 21.

If You Can’t Get Rid of It, Automate It

For instance, it is often the case that communication between a P21 company, their customers, and their suppliers mandates the transference of paper documents. As such, paper-driven processes are difficult to remove entirely. Many companies find that, for situations like this, where certain elements cannot be eliminated, they can at least be automated.

What are some areas of your P21 system can you expect in to impact when it comes to the subject of Prophet 21 document management?

Storing Documents: This normally involves relating documents in a logical manner to records in your ERP system, as to supplement the base ERP information.

Retrieving Documents: Once linked, the ability to quickly retrieve documents related to a given P21 record, be it a customer, a sales order, a purchase order, is of great importance.

Automating Document Transactions: In many areas of a business, more comprehensive work can be done, not only to store and retrieve documents, but to automate document-based processes entirely.

AP Processing: One such Prophet 21 process that can be clarified by a document management system is Accounts Payable. AP is fundamental to any business, as it helps manage cash flow, while optimizing opportunities for rebates and discounts. But AP processing is often impacted by the incoming variance, as a function of vendor-to-vendor variation and documents galore. Automating this process assists in eliminating entry errors and reducing processing time.

It seems clear that the documents related to a given record in the ERP system may provide critical complementary information that would otherwise be lost amongst desk drawers and email in-boxes.  

On November 30th, at 2:00 EST, Ellen Richard of Enlighten.Net will be discussing the digitization and automation of your Epicor Prophet 21 document management processes.

Join Ellen as she shares tools that are essential in your P21 digital transformation and shows how automating your business-critical paper processes can help your company achieve:

  • Workplace Flexibility
  • Improved Productivity and Faster Processing
  • Reduction in Manual Data Entry
  • Improved Control of Business Documents
  • Business Continuity

Ellen Richard has been helping industrial distributors and suppliers with their technology needs for more than 9 years. She currently serves as VP of Sales & Marketing at Enlighten.Net.

Ellen Richard Enlighten.Net

Ellen Richard, VP of Sales & Marketing @Enlighten.Net

Enlighten.Net Logo

Learn More About Enlighten.Net and Document Management Software

Enlighten.Net, Inc. is a leading provider of Document Management software and has been a trusted partner to P21 distributors throughout North America for 20 years. Robust solutions help organizations of any size save time and money by providing simple yet powerful tools that are embraced by employees at all levels. Enlighten.Net’s superior software is backed by an unparalleled customer service experience. ENet Docs improves operational efficiency by centralizing business-critical documents, thereby allowing instant and accurate retrieval, improving speed and visibility and providing secure access from anywhere. Automation solutions integrate directly with P21 to reduce the errors, time and expense associated with manually processed vendor invoices and customer sales orders.

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Recurrency: Sales & Purchasing Automation in P21

Recurrency: Sales & Purchasing Automation in P21

Sales and Purchasing Automation

WEBINAR: Sales and Purchasing Automation in P21

Recurrency is the leading sales and purchasing automation platform for Prophet 21. At ESTES INTEGRATE 2022, Sam Oshay, Recurrency Founder & CEO, will discuss how distributors can leverage ERP automation to:

  • Accelerate revenue growth and increase sales efficiency to industry leading levels
  • Maximize the ROI invested into inventory
  • Eliminate operational inefficiency in sales and purchasing teams
  • Strengthen customer and employee experience

What You Will Learn

Attendees of this session will gather low-effort, high-impact strategies that help combat the challenges distributors face as a result of our inflationary climate and perpetual supply chain disruptions.

Sales and Purchasing Automation in P21

Recurrency @ ESTES INTEGRATE 2022

11AM to Noon, November 30, 2022

Why Recurrency?

Recurrency is a sales, pricing, and purchasing automation platform for distributors. Despite US distributors earning over $7 trillion in collective revenues, the legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that exist to help distributors manage their purchasing, inventory, sales, order processing, and accounting are decades behind. For the most part, ERP systems are painfully slow, difficult-to-use, and soul-crushingly manual.

Recurrency’s goal is to reverse ERP stagnation by building a streamlined and intelligent ERP Automation platform: blazingly fast and complete with powerful automation tools like sales intelligence, dynamic pricing, and demand forecasting. Using Recurrency can boost a distributor’s revenue and profit margins while reducing waste and saving time. Most importantly, Recurrency is fully-integrated with the customer’s legacy system, so deploying Recurrency in production can be done in as little as one day.

Meet Sam Oshay

Recurrency’s founder, Sam Oshay, grew up in a third-generation family distribution business where he saw first-hand how his family was locked-in to legacy systems that bottlenecked growth and operations.

Inspired by his experience and frustrated by incremental improvements to the status quo, Sam founded Recurrency to offer the solutions that his family distribution business was lacking. Sam and Recurrency are driven by the opportunity to create wildly successful customers – ones that are delighted by both our product and partnership – while making costly, time-consuming technology implementations a thing of the past.

Recurrency Logo
Sam Oshay Recurrency

Sam Oshay, Founder & CEO

The Distributor’s Guide To Breaking Operational Silos

The Distributor’s Guide To Breaking Operational Silos

Business Operational Silos

DCKAP WEBINAR: The Distributor’s Guide To Breaking Operational Silos

WHEN: November 30th at 10AM to 11AM (Eastern)

WHERE: @ ESTES INTEGRATE 2022 – an Epicor Prophet 21 community event

WHY: The DCKAP Integrator is the ultimate solution for problems that result in digital silos

DCKAP Integrator is the Remedy for “Digital Silos”

“Silos have been around for some time. If you are like me, when you think of silos you probably farming silo or a missile silo. Our silos are a little different nowadays, we call them, “Department Silos”. Silos are defined as a metaphor for separate entities that stockpile information and effectively seal it in. In the digital architecture of your company, there are silos they are called, “Digital Silos” and the remedy for that is the DCKAP Integrator. Either Department or Digital, knowing how to address the issues is half of the battle.” – Aaron Pallares

Aaron Pallares is a Solutions Engineer at DCKAP. He is always looking into the digital fabric of practices and models to better understand the psychology of the digital arts, its security, and forward trends. He is a forever student of the digital arts and when he is not working, he is watching movies or reading some books.

Aaron Pallares, Solutions Engineer at DCKAP

Aaron Pallares, Solutions Engineer at DCKAP

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