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Our Virtual CIO Services Will Help Your Business Run Better

Ben Nixon, Vice President of the Enterprise Technology with the EstesGroup.

I’m here today to talk to you about a new offer we have with Estes about making your business run better.

EstesGroup Virtual CIO.

Maybe a new term to you, but it’s been around, and we’re going to take my 17 years of Epicor global leadership and business technology guidance and bring it to you. You know, many IT departments are multifaceted. They don’t have the time to properly take care of everything and to plan. This is something we can offer you as a virtual CIO.

An Example:

Many customers feel the ERP system if fine by simply adding big hardware. Then it’s — that wasn’t the answer. You know, you have to d-d-sit back. IT is actually an investment, not an expense. We can help you work it as an investment. So we start with infrastructure planning, virtualization advice, virtualization tuning, security assessment. We need to look at the security of your system overall and application-wise. We need to evaluate your IT process. Maintenance planning. All machines and software require some maintenance.

Virtual CIO Epicor ERP Database management:

All databases require management on a weekly, daily basis.

We can help you do that, set up a schedule so it’s ongoing for you. We can even be that remote person when you need them. Performance management. Every good ERP system needs an ERP performance management review. We can help you. Um, disaster recovery planning. Business continuity. When was the last time anyone looked at this? You know, everyone talks about disaster recovery. In my years of experience, it has always been the most talked about, under-implemented topic there is.

Very few people ever implement it. It has to be done. Look at it as a matter of when disaster’s going to strike, not if. You know, business continuity. How’s the business going to run after you’re down? We need to talk about these items. We can and will be your customer advocate. If you have issues with anything involving your IT, we can help you work your way through this and plan it. Give me a call. It’s a 30-minute free business consultation. I’ll help you out. Let’s talk about what I can do for you. Thank you.

Give us a call at 888.300.2340 for your a 30-minute free business consultation. I’ll help you out. Let’s talk about what I can do for you. Thank you.

Tell us how we can help, what has been slowing your business down? We know technology should not, and we will ensure it will not again.

Estesgroup is a 100% Certified Authorized Partner with Epicor ERP.