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Our Virtual CIO Services Will Help Your Business Run Better

EstesGroup Virtual CIO

Many IT departments are multifaceted, and they don’t have the time to properly take care of everything, including planning for the future of technology. Virtual CIO services allow you to extend your IT leadership for additional executive guidance when needed.


For example, many customers feel their ERP system is upgraded simply by adding big hardware. However, IT is actually an investment, not an expense, and includes resources that extend far beyond the initial technology purchases. To help companies with the investment of IT, whether in hardware or in software, our IT experts start with infrastructure planning, virtualization advice, virtualization tuning, and security assessments. We need to look at the security of your system overall and by application. We need to evaluate your IT process and develop maintenance planning strategies because all machines and software require some maintenance.


Virtual CIO Epicor ERP Database Management

All databases require management on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

Our IT services team can help you with database management. In addition, we can set up a schedule so that it’s ongoing for you. We can even be a remote person when you need external expertise.


Performance management

Every good ERP system needs an ERP performance management review. We can help you with essential IT requirements for any ERP:

Everyone talks about disaster recovery, yet very few people ever implement it. It has to be done. Look at it as a matter of when disaster’s going to strike, not if. What is a good business continuity plan? How’s the business going to run after you’re down? We need to talk about these items. Do you need security for virtual office workers? We can and will be your customer advocate. If you have issues with anything involving your IT, we can help you work your way through this and plan it.



What has been slowing your business down? We know technology should not, and we will ensure it will not again.