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Another cornerstone in the foundation of your company’s successful ERP implementation is your set of North Star principles.

The North Star is another term for what navigators past and present call “the pole star” – a star both visible and prominent in the night sky, and which aligns itself unswervingly with the planet’s northern celestial pole.

On Earth, our North Star is called Polaris. (Fun Astronomical Fact: what we call the North Star is actually three stars that appear as one to the naked human eye.) If you find yourself lost, you can always look up. By identifying Polaris in the night sky, you’ll always know which direction is north and be able to guide yourself home from there.

Businesses function in much the same way. The most successful enterprises maintain a unique set of goals or targets by which they guide themselves on the path to success.

The company that doesn’t establish and constantly reflect upon its North Star principles is much more likely to find itself wandering directionless in the hinterlands of its industry sector until, exhausted and confused, it simply collapses.

Successful ERP implementations also establish and follow North Star principles. These principles include what we at EstesGroup call your critical success factors: the benchmarks your organization feels it must achieve through its ERP implementation to consider the project successful.

Critical success factors vary from enterprise to enterprise. They can include such criteria as speeding the delivery of goods to market; quantifiably streamlining the work hours required to reach various forms of compliance; increasing overall profits by a mandated requirement; reducing your business’s overall costs on back office processes; and so on.

If you haven’t clarified the North Star principles of your enterprise, don’t worry. EstesGroup can leverage its tested Business Process Review to examine the current state of your business and work with your stakeholders to identify, develop, and solidify principles that will lead to your ultimate satisfaction.

North Star principles are so important to your business and its successful ERP implementation that we always concretize these factors before diving into the complex work that follows.

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