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If you are looking to test, learn, or develop with business objects in SYSPRO, look no further than the Diagnostics tool. This is a utility program that can optionally be installed on either the SYSPRO Server or SYSPRO client machines using the SYSPRO installer. The program allows you load sample business object schemas and post/test various transactions in a convenient, user-friendly manner.


Getting Started with the E.Net Diagnostics Tool

To get started with the E.Net Diagnostics Tool, click the “Logon” button in the toolbar. This is the button with a green plus sign on it. A Logon screen will appear where you will have to provide various credentials in two separate tabs. 

In the “Service Settings” tab, the program will request a WCF service base address. All business objects use either a WCF or SYSPRO Load Balancer service to transact. The WCF service is optional and used in SYSPRO 6 and 7 environments whereas the Load Balancer is the latest service for SYSPRO 8 where it is required. To use the Diagnostics tool, you will have to provide a base address to your WCF or Load Balancer service. You can find this address in your SYSPRO Setup Options under System Setup E.Net Service Details.

SYSPRO Diagnostics


In the “Logon Credentials” tab you will have to specify a SYSPRO operator to sign-in with as well as the SYSPRO company you wish to connect to. By default, your SYSPRO environment should be using an “Instance” value of “0” (zero). Once your credentials have been provided, click “Logon” at the bottom of the screen.

SYSPRO Logon Credentials

Generating Schema Samples

If you provided valid connection credentials, you should now receive a “Session” variable GUID in the top right of the screen. This is a token used by SYSPRO to know that you are successfully signed in. You are now able to specify, load, and transact with business objects in the provided company.


The Business Object

To load a business object, you use the “Business Object” field in the toolbar. You can either provide the direct business object code or browse using the library button next to the field. In this example, we will be using the INVTMB object for Inventory Bin Transfers. To load the sample schemas, press “Enter” in the “Business Object” field. The default schema for our business object will load to the “Business Object Input” tab as all as the “Business Object Parameter” tab (if applicable) in the main editor on the screen. 

SYSPRO Business Object Input

The Results

You are now able to edit the business object details and post your transactions. You post the business object transaction by clicking the “Run” button found in the top toolbar. If you are only looking to test a business object, make sure to edit the “ValidateOnly” option in the business object parameters’ section. This ensures that the results you get are only validated but not actually posted to SYSPRO.

SYSPRO Multiple Calls

Schema Files Consideration

One thing to keep in mind is that the Diagnostics program will not be able to load sample business object schemas by default if you install it on a SYSPRO client machine. Schema files for business objects are only found on the SYSPRO server. To retrieve sample schemas on a client machine, you will have to edit the program’s settings to point to the “Schemas” folder on the SYSPRO server or copy the schema files from the server to your client machine. You can change the schema directory by going to File Settings Specify Schema Path.

SYSPRO Schema Path


The Diagnostics Tool by SYSPRO facilitates testing, learning, and development with business objects by allowing users to load sample schemas and conduct transactions conveniently through a user-friendly interface, requiring logon credentials including WCF service base address and SYSPRO operator information, and offering the option to edit business object details and validate transactions before posting, with a note that schema files are only available on the SYSPRO server and may need to be manually retrieved or configured on client machines.

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